[Announcements] ownCloud Client 1.3.0 beta 2

Daniel Molkentin danimo at owncloud.com
Fri May 31 17:48:30 MEST 2013


Today we are releasing ownCloud Client 1.3.0 beta 2. Fixes and features since beta 1 include:

- Sync: Make uploads (PUT) work reliable again on 32 bit systems
- Wizard: When changing the URL or user name, allow the user to push his data to the new location or wipe the folder and start from scratch
- Wizard: Make setting a custom folder as a sync target work again
- Fix application icon
- Smaller fixes
- User-Agent now contains "Mozilla/5.0" and the Platform name (for firewall/proxy compat)
- Propagate proxy changes to csync at runtime

- Improve proxy wizard
- Display proxy errors
- Support SOCKS5 proxy (useful in combination with ssh -D)

Known issues:
- Starting from scratch in the wizard may fail on Windows, since renaming the folder may fail.
- Setup Wizard does not properly resize on Windows

Changes in beta 1 since 1.2.5:

- Big file chunking (e.g. up/download of big files should now be no problem anymore)
- Resuming (download of big files will resume)
- Server side directory moves will be detected
- No more false conflicts, ever
- Legitimate conflict files only on client side 
- New setup wizard, defaulting to root syncing (only for new setups)
- Solved problems with lock files
- Bug fixes
- Improved thread stop/termination

Packages for Windows, Mac OS and Linux are available from http://owncloud.org/sync-clients/#testing .

Thanks for all the feedback we received in the past days. Keep on searching!

  Klaas  & Daniel
www.owncloud.com - Your Data, Your Cloud, Your Way!

ownCloud GmbH, GF: Markus Rex, Holger Dyroff
Schloßäckerstrasse 26a, 90443 Nürnberg, HRB 28050 (AG Nürnberg)

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