[owncloud-devel] GPS Tracker for OwnCloud

Nico Mittenzwey nico.mittenzwey at posteo.de
Tue Apr 15 19:35:31 GMT 2014


Am 11.04.2014 08:59, schrieb Marcel Herrguth:
> I really would look forward to it, I wouldn't need to transfer such
> sensitive data to dropbox... :-)
> Are you planning a optional offline mode as well?

Since I want to use as much of OwnCloud as possible: Yes. The tracks /
positions will be saved in files which are handled by the OwnCloud client.

Am 10.04.2014 22:49, schrieb Jan-Christoph Borchardt:
> For the web interface part it would be best to collaborate with the
> work-in-progress Maps application. Check it out at
> http://github.com/owncloud/maps

Thanks for the hint. I'll check it out.

Also to the others: Thanks for your comments. They show me I'm on the
right way. However, since I never wrote an app for Android before, I
need to learn that now... How hard can it be? ;)

If anyone wants she or he can start the project or something similar on
github in the meantime - otherwise I will, as soon as my prototype is


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