[owncloud-devel] Does a Sync Library exist?

Marvin Flock Marvin.Flock at rwth-aachen.de
Fri Apr 18 13:24:11 GMT 2014

Hi everyone,

I'll cut to the chase:
I am developing a Windows program in c# with the ability to synchronize 
its' data bidirectional with an owncloud instance.
Now by any chance, is there a library or something equivalent for c# to 
get this synchronization ability?

I don't need the desktop client, because it would be overkill, and 
besides one needs to install that client first in order to use my program.

I read about csync, however the owncloud client uses a forked version 
and it is not working without mirall, the GUI.
Further there is pyOwncloud, well, it is written in python and targets a 
linux environment.

I thought about writing my own synchronization using the webDav interface,
but i don't know how much time and effort i need to invest.
Because for example, there are not only timestamps but Etags to use.

Maybe someone is able to help me, to figure out if there is any solution.

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