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On 25.04.2014, at 08:01, Jan ten Bokkel <jantenbokkel at gmail.com> wrote:

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> Bjoern Schiessle schreef op 25-4-2014 13:42:
>> actually it is not possible to distribute proprietary apps. ownCloud is licensed under AGPLv3 and every app can be seen as a derivative work and therefore needs to be licensed under a AGPLv3 compatible license. 
> As far as I know that's only true for a shared code base, ownCloud can be seen as a framework for cloud apps and provides an apps API to establish that. The derivative work rule only applies if modifications are made to the framework itself. There are plenty examples of commercial, closed source software utilizing opensource frameworks.

That´s true in general.
The challenge is how this is interpreted by experts, lawyers and courts. 

A common interpretation is that it is the same "application" if it is running in the same address space like a linked C library. Or if it is not running in the same address space like a linux application on top of the kernel.

The big challenge is how this translates to scripting languages like PHP where everything is always running in the same address space of the PHP runtime. 
But Java has the same challenge where a proprietary Android app is running in the same VM as a GPL component.

Does someone know how the legal argumentation works there?


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