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Bjoern Schiessle schiessle at owncloud.com
Fri Apr 25 12:59:04 GMT 2014

On 25/04/14 14:27, Jan-Christoph Borchardt wrote:
> Plenty of Wordpress themes and plugins are closed source. I suppose
> that answers the law question.

On the other hand wordpress.org also says the plugins are bound to the
GPL[1]. They also link to the Drupal FAQ[2] which also describes this in
great detail.

It is also interesting what FSF writes about plugins for GPL licensed
software[3]. I would say that ownCloud belongs to the category where the
plugins need to be GPL again:

"If the program dynamically links plug-ins, and they make function calls
to each other and share data structures, we believe they form a single
program, which must be treated as an extension of both the main program
and the plug-ins. This means the plug-ins must be released under the GPL
or a GPL-compatible free software license, and that the terms of the GPL
must be followed when those plug-ins are distributed."

This describes very much how ownCloud apps works.

[1] https://wordpress.org/about/license/
[2] https://drupal.org/licensing/faq/#q7
[3] https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-faq.html#GPLAndPlugins


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