[owncloud-devel] Python client lib for ownCloud

Vincent Petry pvince81 at owncloud.com
Mon Apr 28 08:12:14 GMT 2014


During my holidays I couldn't resist to do a bit of Python programming,
so I made this Python library that wraps some of the ownCloud API:


This could be useful for:
- writing Python/Django apps that interact with ownCloud
- scripting with Python: for example backup scripts, auto-upload pics
from a webcam, etc.
- testing the ownCloud API :-)

Here are the current features:
- basic file operations like getting a directory listing, file
upload/download, directory creation, etc
- read/write file contents from strings
- upload with chunking and mtime keeping
- upload whole directories
- directory download as zip
- share a file with public link using the OCS Share API
- store app data as key/values using the privatedata OCS API

One part that is currently missing is better error handling (throwing
exceptions for 403, 404, etc).
It is already usable but needs more testing against all ownCloud
versions (I only tested against OC 6.0.2 and OC 7 pre-alpha)

It would be cool/useful to have more such libraries in most languages to
lower the barrier of entry for people wanting their (external) apps to
interact with ownCloud in some way.

Note: while looking for a Python lib for ownCloud I also found this one
which rather seems to be a wrapper around csync:



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