[owncloud-devel] Python client lib for ownCloud

Vincent Petry pvince81 at owncloud.com
Mon Apr 28 09:07:05 GMT 2014

Hi Hefee,

Thanks for the info. :-)

The purpose of pyocclient was mostly to give access to APIs using Python
(similar to how Twitter or Dropbox have Python libs), not syncing.

I had the feeling that pyOwncloud was mostly like the sync client,
wrapped in Python and runnable from the CLI, which is nice for running
on a server or as a service. I'm not sure yet whether it makes sense to
merge them somehow, I need to take some time to look into the details.



On 04/28/2014 10:55 AM, Hefee wrote:
> Hey,
> nice. Actually I am a dev of pyOwncloud and actually we stopped developing, 
> 'cause owncloud destroys the libocsync and says that libowncloudsync isn't 
> stable too. So It was to much work to keep it running. I'm also very curous, 
> that owncloud stablize the libowncloudsync...
> But your approch is different, you use the webdav directly and don't care 
> about owncloud-client :) 
> pyOwnCloud has an own mailinglist: pyowncloud at lists.cknow.org
> Maybe you want to send an email there, too and we'll see if we can work 
> together somehow.
> Regards,
> hefee
> On Monday 28 April 2014 10:12:14 Vincent Petry wrote:
>> Hello,
>> During my holidays I couldn't resist to do a bit of Python programming,
>> so I made this Python library that wraps some of the ownCloud API:
>> https://github.com/PVince81/pyocclient
>> This could be useful for:
>> - writing Python/Django apps that interact with ownCloud
>> - scripting with Python: for example backup scripts, auto-upload pics
>> from a webcam, etc.
>> - testing the ownCloud API :-)
>> Here are the current features:
>> - basic file operations like getting a directory listing, file
>> upload/download, directory creation, etc
>> - read/write file contents from strings
>> - upload with chunking and mtime keeping
>> - upload whole directories
>> - directory download as zip
>> - share a file with public link using the OCS Share API
>> - store app data as key/values using the privatedata OCS API
>> One part that is currently missing is better error handling (throwing
>> exceptions for 403, 404, etc).
>> It is already usable but needs more testing against all ownCloud
>> versions (I only tested against OC 6.0.2 and OC 7 pre-alpha)
>> It would be cool/useful to have more such libraries in most languages to
>> lower the barrier of entry for people wanting their (external) apps to
>> interact with ownCloud in some way.
>> Note: while looking for a Python lib for ownCloud I also found this one
>> which rather seems to be a wrapper around csync:
>> https://pypi.python.org/pypi/pyOwnCloud/0.3
>> Cheers,
>> Vincent
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