[owncloud-devel] Naming PRs

Jan-Christoph Borchardt hey at jancborchardt.net
Tue Apr 29 10:41:43 GMT 2014

I totally agree. And same goes for commit messages itself, and for 
branch names.

Just write it in normal language so other humans can understand. The 
appended »fix #1234« will take care of referencing the issue.

On Mo 28 Apr 2014 23:03:20 CEST, Thomas Tanghus wrote:
> A lot of the pull requests have titles like "Fix #123456" which is great for
> automatically closing the issue when the PR is merged, but not so great for
> giving a clue about what the PR is actually about.
> Can we change to using a naming scheme where we include the actual change
> being made as in e.g "Couldn't upload to shared folder. Fix #123456".
> This will make it much easier to review patches.

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