[owncloud-devel] Advanced contacts manager

florian charlet roygrizzly at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 08:09:39 GMT 2014


I would like to create an advanced contact manager because the default one
is too simple.

What I need :
All owncloud users are contacts
All owncloud groups of users are contacts groups
If you are in a group you see all contacts in this group
A contact can be public (see by all users) but he can hide (or show) phone
number or email
A contact can be in many groups
The link beetween group and contact is a fonction ex: "florian" is
"coordinator" of "local group" "florian" is "manager" of "ngo"
A contact have many skills (drawing, managing, it...) and many interests
(ecology, economy, human rights...)
A group have many interest
Contacts can be linked for see each other if they aren't in same group
A plain text search in all fields

Do you have some tips, some advices, some code before I begin?Do you think
it's better to fork your Contacts app or create a new one?

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