[owncloud-devel] Using task lists on ownCloud

H agents at meddatainc.com
Wed Dec 17 03:03:07 GMT 2014

I posted this on the user mailing list several days ago but did not receive any replies, hence my post here:

I have recently moved my calendars from Google to my own ownCloud installation which works fine. I now want to move my task lists from Google as well and have a couple of questions:

- Google maintains the task lists separate from my Google calendars but in ownCloud they are part of one or more calendar. Is this correct?

- If correct, this means that i have to create calendars for Bills, Supermarket items etc.? I do understand that I can decide which calendars are visible.

- When migrating tasks from Google, I can use Google Tasks Backup to export tasks. I then have to manually edit this ics-file, splitting the various task lists into separate ics-files depending on which calendar I want to import them into, and finally importing into one ownCloud calendar at one time.

- There is a Tasks app for ownCloud, my understanding is that I only need to install it if I want to create/edit tasks when in ownCloud. As I plan to do this from several phones and tablets running Android as well as Linux desktops and laptops using the Lightning extension to Thunderbird to do so, hence no need to install the ownCloud Task app.

Is my understanding above correct or did I miss something? Comments and suggestions appreciated!
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