[owncloud-devel] Rpm updates deployment problem

Alessandro Polidori alessandro.polidori at nethesis.it
Wed Dec 17 14:04:57 GMT 2014

Hi everybody,

I have a problem with rpm cycle release of owncloud.

At Nethesis we work to create an rpm package "nethserver-owncloud" for 
NethServer enterprise linux distro, to install ownCloud with one-signle 
click by a web interface.

The problem resides in the updates deployment: the owncloud updates from 
old release (for example 6.x) to new versions (for example 7.0.3) is not 
supported, so it is necessary to do all updates in between, but this is 
not possible using yum.

Each time ownCloud release a new version we can not be certain that all 
the community members has installed the last update.

We put the "owncloud" and "owncloud-3rdparty" packages in our 
repositories to be sure that each release of "nethserver-owncloud" is 

Can you suggest a solution ?

Alessandro Polidori - www.nethesis.it

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