[owncloud-devel] questions on Owncloud Client...

Yu Nong herrnong at gmail.com
Fri Dec 26 16:56:16 GMT 2014

 Hi guys,

May I ask you some questions about Owncloud client:

Recently I have received an internship Task from my University, which is
mainly about enhancement of owncloud security. I am thinking of doing the
owncloud client side encryption before it upload files to the owncloud

I have figured out from the server manual that there has already been an
encryption functionality on the server side. (but I have not yet found the
source code which is responsible for that? where is it?) My idea is really,
to firstly trim and then transplant the code from the server side
encryption to the owncloud client.(Is that possible?) Now since I am brand
new in Owncloud and you are experts, could you tell me which parts of the
owncloud client source code are relevant to that, and therefore I should
touch, and how I should do that? There are lots of files in the owncloud
client directory, do you have any tips how I can understand them as
efficient as possible?

Thank you in advance,

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