[owncloud-devel] SCNR: Mailinglist Netiquette

Klaas Freitag freitag at owncloud.com
Thu Feb 13 10:03:52 MET 2014


I shut up long about this, but now that we start a new mailinglist maybe 
it's time to bring that on the table once again.

There is something like a mailinglist netiquette, that is a neat list of 
do's and dont's for mailinglists (find yours with google). This tastes a 
bit like from the last century, and in fact it is, but still, I would 
like to ask people here to read them again and consider to follow some 
at least in parts.
These rules help people who get _a_lot_ of email to not waste time on 
reading them, and to get annoyed by posts.

Two examples:
If you think that top posting is no problem because the readers can pick 
the relevant parts from the garbage below, well, yes, might be ok for 
the couple of mails you get during the days, but not if you get a lot of 

The same for crappy mail clients that destroy threading: If you think 
your crappy half finished web based mail client is cool enough, ok, 
write your friends, but please consider to use a decent client for 
posting to our lists.

And there are a few points more, you will realize them once you work 
with mailinglists for longer time.

Remember that these things waste other peoples time. And they will react 
with deleting crappy emails without reading it on the longer run.

Thanks for considering,


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