[owncloud-devel] Fwd: SabreDAV 1.7.11 and 1.8.9 released, fixing two critical issues

Thomas Tanghus thomas at tanghus.net
Fri Feb 28 16:15:19 MET 2014

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Subject: SabreDAV 1.7.11 and 1.8.9 released, fixing two critical issues
Date: Wednesday 26 February 2014, 14:37
From: Evert Pot <evertpot at gmail.com>
To: sabredav-discuss at googlegroups.com

Hi everyone,

We just released SabreDAV 1.7.11 and 1.8.9. Both of these releases fix two 
critical issues.

Upgrade by running:

composer upgrade sabre/dav

or grab the zips from:

This release fixes a security issue and an issue related to large files in 

*XXE issue*

Previous SabreDAV versions had a security issue, if running on the 
following PHP versions

* PHP 5.3, older than 5.3.23
* PHP 5.4, older than 5.4.13
* PHP 5.5 is not affected by this.

You are strongly recommended to upgrade, as the security issue could expose 
local files or easily trigger a DOS attack.

More information here: 

*Large file support*

It was also discovered that SabreDAV can often not serve files larger than 
2GB, due to a bug in PHP's fpassthru method.

If you ran into this issue, update sabredav. We are now no longer using 

More information here: http://evertpot.com/fpassthru-broken/

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Med venlig hilsen / Best Regards

Thomas Tanghus

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