[owncloud-devel] Thanks for welcome + first bug correction #9147

Stéphane Vergeylen stephane at vergeylen.eu
Sat Jul 5 20:53:08 GMT 2014


Hi Vincent, 

Thank you to welcome me on the mailing list yesterdy. I just began to
try solving my first junior job by picking bug #9147. 

May I request some guidance for resolving this ? 

I posted this in the comments of #9147 by metionning your pseudo : 

My analyse of the bug is the following : 

 - The last cell of the table containing the timestamp looks fine
because there is a class="date" which adds "white-space: nowrap;" to the

 - When playing with the <select>, the ajax loads a new table back where
this class="date" is not present, which cause the line break. 

Solution : 

 - Add the class="date" in the processing of the table in the ajax
request (settings/js/admin.js) 

 - But, there, at line 49, I can't find the corresponding HTML markup. I
find only OC.Log.reload(). Where is the markup ? 

Thank you for guidance... 

And if I want to report this (tiny) change, what should I do ? Commit in
a new branch based on stable7 and then require a pull ? 
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