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Frank Karlitschek frank at owncloud.org
Wed Jul 16 19:07:02 GMT 2014

> On 16.07.2014, at 14:41, Lukas Reschke <lukas at owncloud.org> wrote:
>> On 16 Jul 2014, at 15:53, Jan-Christoph Borchardt <hey at jancborchardt.net> wrote:
>> The Notes and Music apps seem to be missing from the release.
>> I was under the impression the updater code is done and thus now those two apps could be included.
>> Cause they are really well done and good examples of useful apps. If Bernhard and Morris agree their apps are ready for prime-time, it would be cool to include them.
> More apps in the standard distribution means more bugs and a broader attack surface.
> I also really like those two apps and they are probably my often used ones. Also Morris and Bernhard are awesome and talented folks :-)
> However, I’m somewhat hesitant adding such big amounts of code to the standard distribution so early before a release.
> We need clearly defined guidelines and processed what we add to the default distribution  and *when*. If we drop everything into it a week before a release bad things will happen. The code is neither completely peer reviewed (bugs / security issues / etc…) nor thoroughly tested with the new release.
> @Frank: Your opinion, please. THX. If we add this to the standard distribution I’d like to review those before which means we should move the release at least a week to July 30th. I don’t have time before.

I think I agree with you. We want to have more and more great apps in the future. And I´m not sure it is a good strategy to ship more and more in one huge monolithic blob. We can see at other open source projects that this doesn´t scale and wil lead into serious longterm problems. This would require a ton of coordination in feature development, QA, packaging, security and promotion if everything has to be ready and released at the same time.
I would actually try to make the main ownCloud releases smaller but make the discovering, installing, updating and removing of apps easier. 

I hope this makes sense.


> - Lukas
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