[owncloud-devel] Conference slide template for talks

Bernhard Posselt dev at bernhard-posselt.com
Fri Jul 18 12:36:53 GMT 2014

Hi conference attendees,

I didn't find any templates for the conference slides yet, so I've
started a project which can be used as a starting point. It's based on
remarkjs (http://remarkjs.com) and uses Markdown for creating the slides
which are rendered using HTML, JavaScript and CSS. This makes it very
easy to modify and add syntaxhighlighted code.

I know that you can also use LaTex to create PDFs with syntax
highlighted code but I suppose the devs that will attend the conference
and hold a talk will be more familiar with the usual webstack and Markdown

The project is by far complete, I hope the design will be improved a lot
by various pull requests. The repository is on github:

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