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Jan-Christoph Borchardt hey at jancborchardt.net
Sun Jul 20 18:16:23 GMT 2014

As Havoc Pennington said already in 2002:
»Reading dozens of GNOME and Red Hat bugs per day, I find that users 
ask for a preference by default.«

With any input from people we have to catalyze that into proper 
designs. And we’re doing a pretty good job at that. (If you want to 
help, join the design team: http://owncloud.org/contribute/design/ )

And Mark – thank you so much for taking care of the forum! It wasn’t my 
intention to devalue it – it’s just that StackOverflow (as Lukas 
mentioned) is a different and important target group. We also need to 
use the platforms where other people go apart from our own, 
ownCloud-specific ones.

On So 20 Jul 2014 20:10:40 CEST, Mark Ziegler wrote:
> Hello,
> Got your arguments and agree.
> One thing to note.
> The discussions, the link, between developers and pure users are
> important.
> For sure it does not makes any fun to answer bad prepared questions of
> "goony" users.
> If developers are stayin' with themselfs it might result in a nerdy
> piece of software, hard to configure, ugly to use.
> The input of the ordinary user is invaluable.
> Cheers,
> Mark
> Am 20.07.14 18:41, schrieb Lukas Reschke:
>>> On 20 Jul 2014, at 12:57, Mark Ziegler<mark.ziegler at rakekniven.de>  wrote:
>>> We have our own ownCloud forums to help each others.
>> Sure. But users and developers are different target groups.
>> By helping developers we gain:
>> 1. A more attractive platform
>> 2. More contributors
>> 3. More apps
>> 4. ...
>>> There are plenty of unanswered topics.
>> Because the questions there are often:
>> 1. Unspecific
>> 2. Without details
>> 3. Often easily solvable by googling or just reading the documentation
>> 4. Containing error messages in Chinese (I can’t read Chinese and I don’t want to waste my time translating error messages which are likely user errors)
>> This is why I’m not really active in the forum. There are just way to many people there that do not even understand the difference between a mail and a web server. Not beginning to speak of people who try to install oC on their 1$ “unlimited” webhoster package…
>> I consider our time better spent with helping potential contributors than helping somebody to setup their LAMP installation.
>>> Would be nice if you can spend some time at the forum before pleasing 3rd party platforms.
>>> Please visithttps://forum.owncloud.org/  and help other users.
>> - Lukas
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