[owncloud-devel] ownCloud tag on StackOverflow

Mark Ziegler mark.ziegler at rakekniven.de
Thu Jul 24 18:54:28 GMT 2014

Am 24.07.14 12:35, schrieb Jos Poortvliet:
> On Wednesday 23 July 2014 12:11:18 Sudhir Khanger wrote:
>> On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 11:15 AM,  <mark.ziegler at rakekniven.de> wrote:
>>> Stackoverflow is 3rd party and as previous writers mentioned
>>> Stackoverflow
>>> has a different audience.
>> Developers should use whatever makes them productive.
>> I would much prefer Askbot [1] over Stackoverflow as the official help
>> channel for users. Askbot is GPLv3. Take a look at Fedora writeup [2].
>> Q & A comes pretty natural to folks Askbot also supports Oauth so
>> creating account takes hardly a second.
>> It would be better in long term to officially consolidate the community.
>> [1] https://askbot.com/
>> [2] http://fedoramagazine.org/ask-fedora-getting-started-and-helping-out
> Askbot and ask fedora look nice. Mark, what do you think about this? It would
> have the advantages of the forums but perhaps make it easier for users to
> use?!?
I have no experience with Askbot and after looking at their website I 
still have no tendency ...

You said "easier for users to use". Do you mean joining and posting at a 
forum is a barrier?


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