[owncloud-devel] reddit thread: Sync daemon on server?

Jan-Christoph Borchardt hey at jancborchardt.net
Mon Jul 28 09:48:08 GMT 2014

I’m at GUADEC (the GNOME conference) at the moment and someone pointed 
me to this reddit thread on the ownCloud 7 release:

The main comment says:

 > It still needs a proper syncing daemon on a server. Having the client 
machine handle all of the syncing isn't good for performance. I was 
using Owncloud 5 and I remember trying to sync a computer with about 
60-100 GB worth of iPhone pictures stored on a Windows machine (Don't 
kill me, this was a friends computer). The whole process hung 20 gigs 
in, couldn't index any more than that, and the entire process took all 
of the life out of my friends laptop.

Any comment on that (is this still happening with ownCloud 7), or are we 
doing anything about stuff like that?

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