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Tobia De Koninck tobia at ledfan.be
Wed Jun 11 09:42:50 GMT 2014

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Subject: 	Re: [owncloud-user] RFC Puppet/Vagrant for Owncloud Dev
Date: 	Wed, 11 Jun 2014 11:42:08 +0200
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I'm not sure why it isn't added to the docs. You could open a PR on
https://github.com/owncloud/documentation .

I tested the Puppet script and it works fine.

About the directory setup: IMO you should install owncloud to /var/www
and not touch the 3rdparty and apps repo and then create a synced folder
which maps /var/www to e.g. webroot. This way the developer himself can
add apps etc.

I'm going to forward this thread to the devs



On 10-06-14 17:55, Tobia De Koninck wrote:
> Hi
> I always use vagrant for ownCloud development. But I don't use Puppet.
> There is already an advanced Chef cookbook for ownCloud:
> https://github.com/onddo/owncloud-cookbook
> I created a Vagrantfile for Virtualbox for it [1] and for hosting on
> DigitalOcean [2].
> What are your problems with the synced folders? I have played a long
> time with it, and find the solution in [1] the best. For DigitalOcean
> you can setup an SSH connection with the VPS in your IDE. (I tested
> rsync but bi-directional wasn't working for me.)
> You should defenitly have a look at [3]. This is an official site from
> Vagrant with a lot of base boxes. I like to use the one from chef.
> These are without chef installed, so you could use them for puppet too.
> Also have a look at [4], this is a build-tool from vagrant to create
> base boxes. In the bento project - from the makers of chef - there are
> a handfull useful scripts. [5], which generates the boxes from chef in
> [3]
> I'll one now spin up your vm :)
> P.s. you could send your email to the owncloud-dev mailing list too.
> Cheers
> Tobia (aka LEDfan)
> - [1] https://github.com/LEDfan/vagrant-setups
> - [2] https://github.com/LEDfan/vagrant-setups/tree/oc-dev-do
> - [3] http://vagrantcloud.com
> - [4] https://github.com/mitchellh/packer
> - [5] https://github.com/opscode/bento
> On 10-06-14 15:34, Colin Hutchinson wrote:
>> Hey All apologies if this is in the wrong mailing list but I'm
>> looking for some general constructive feedback / bugs.
>> I'd like people's opinions / feedback on Vagrant as provisioned by a
>> Puppet manifest that I've been working on:
>> https://github.com/hutchic/vagrant-owncloud-dev
>> After going through the development setup a few times including via
>> ocdev I fealt the project needed someting more reliable /
>> reproducible.  Right now it provisions a LAMP stack on Ubuntu 12.04
>> inside VirtualBox.  It clones the repositories into a shared folder
>> which does present some challenges I still need to sort through and
>> I'm still not positive I have the project directories setup in the
>> most optimal way.
>> The host environment I've been using is OSX 10.9.2, Vagrant version
>> 1.6.1.
>> Regards,
>> Colin Hutchinson
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