[owncloud-devel] create default adressbook during imap login

Thomas Müller thomas.mueller at tmit.eu
Wed Jun 18 07:20:44 GMT 2014

Best would be to open a bug report in the contacts repo on github.com/owncloud/contacts

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hi all,

i've postet this on the user mailing list, but got no answer. i think
this looks like stuff for the developers ;-)

i have the same problem as described here:

- oc is configured to authenticate against an imap server.

- roundcube webmail (with carddav plugin) is configured to use the
owncloud addressbook.

- since oc6, the default adressbook was not created (and is not usable)
when a user want to use the addressbook in roundcube.

- the default addressbook was created, when the user log in into
owncloud directly. after this, the addressbook in roundcube is working too.

any suggestions?

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