[owncloud-devel] Image quality check app

Age Bosma age.bosma at gmail.com
Sun Jun 22 10:16:44 GMT 2014


I posted this question in de user mailing list before, but it was 
suggested to post it in this mailing list instead.

As suggested on the app development page, to prevent duplicate work
and to get some pointers I'd like to discuss the development of image
quality check app for ownCloud.

I'm looking for a way to check and mark images uploaded to ownCloud
for quality to determine if they are suitable for print. Different
criteria like size, DPI, etc. should either prevent an image from
being uploaded and/or marked as being suitable or not. The first will
only be feasible through website upload, the latter can be used for
website as well as sync upload.

Browsing through the existing app's gave me nothing that comes close
or might contain this functionality. Do any of you know of the
existence of such an app for ownCloud?

Implementing this app looks like a very possible thing to me which
shouldn't require invasive changes to ownCloud. What's your opinion
about this?

PHP is not an issue. Having never looked at the ownCloud code nor
ownCloud app development before: where should I focus my attention on?
What should I take into account in terms of development for this kind
of app functionality?

Best regards,

Age Bosma

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