[owncloud-devel] Renaming of users datadir

Roland Hager roland.hager at tu-berlin.de
Tue Jun 24 18:26:18 GMT 2014

Dear community,

We're using OC 5 and ldap as user backend. We initially left the Option 
"User Home Folder Naming Rule" blank to use the default (LDAP-UUID) as 
folder name for each user within the datadir. Now we need to use the 
normal username (uid) as folder name. The base datadir will stay the same.

So instead of


the folder should be named like


What we are going to do is the following:

   1. Turn on maintenance mode to prevent files changing while moving 
the folders.
   2. Change the LDAP-Option "User Home Folder Naming Rule" to uid.
   3. Move each users folder from UUID => uid
       (e.g.  datadir/38f64198-859a-1033-6d5f-73d38bcac4c7 to 
   4. Change the path within the field "id"  of each users "oc_staorage" 
entry to match the new folder name.
       (e.g. "local::/datadir/38f64198-859a-1033-6d5f-73d38bcac4c7/" to 
   5. Turn off maintenance mode and pray :-)

We did this in our testing environment and did not face any problems. 
The testusers could still access their datadir and all shares seemed to 
be intact and accessible too. We only use the files, gallery, and music 
app but neither calendar nor contacts.

Is there something else we should change in the database? Anything we 
should take care about?

Thanks in advance
Roland Hager

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