[owncloud-devel] Renaming of users datadir

Vincent Petry pvince81 at owncloud.com
Wed Jun 25 07:45:26 GMT 2014


If you are using OC >= 5.0.12 and your storage entries are still in
the format "local::/datadir/...", I suggest you to move directly to
the new format that uses "home::john.doe", which gets rid of the
hard-coded data dir.



On 06/24/2014 08:53 PM, Arthur Schiwon wrote:
> On 24.06.2014 20:26, Roland Hager wrote:
>> Dear community,
>> We're using OC 5 and ldap as user backend. We initially left the 
>> Option "User Home Folder Naming Rule" blank to use the default 
>> (LDAP-UUID) as folder name for each user within the datadir. Now
>> we need to use the normal username (uid) as folder name. The
>> base datadir will stay the same.
>> So instead of
>> datadir/38f64198-859a-1033-6d5f-73d38bcac4c7/
>> the folder should be named like
>> datadir/john.doe/
>> What we are going to do is the following:
>> 1. Turn on maintenance mode to prevent files changing while
>> moving the folders. 2. Change the LDAP-Option "User Home Folder
>> Naming Rule" to uid. 3. Move each users folder from UUID => uid
>> (e.g. datadir/38f64198-859a-1033-6d5f-73d38bcac4c7 to
>> datadir/john.doe/) 4. Change the path within the field "id"  of
>> each users "oc_staorage" entry to match the new folder name.
>> (e.g. "local::/datadir/38f64198-859a-1033-6d5f-73d38bcac4c7/" to
>>  "local::/datadir/john.doe/"). 5. Turn off maintenance mode and
>> pray :-)
>> We did this in our testing environment and did not face any 
>> problems. The testusers could still access their datadir and all 
>> shares seemed to be intact and accessible too. We only use the 
>> files, gallery, and music app but neither calendar nor contacts.
>> Is there something else we should change in the database?
>> Anything we should take care about?
> If also Music works, it sounds pretty solid for me. It's how I
> would do it, if I'd need it. I am not aware that the full path is
> used somewhere else in the mentioned apps.
> Cheers Arthur
>> Thanks in advance Roland Hager
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