[owncloud-devel] External login (from directory below) to owncloud6

T D qalopt at gmail.com
Fri Jun 27 19:14:40 GMT 2014

I am developing a site for a client and the owncloud is part of the
implementation, however since owncloud isn't the main part of the site, it
is located at directory /owncloud (site is at root /).

Now client needs to have united login page (f.i. both usernames and
passwords are stored in table oc_users, using owncloud authentication).
This login page should be at root of the site. Is it possible to make such
external login page using owncloud methods? So far I'm struggling that I
can log in onto both sites however method OCP_USER::isLoggedIn() returns
false (even though I can access owncloud as a user I just logged in) and if
I fire up index page with login again I got logout.

Could anyone please give me any directions? Thanks for any tips in advance.
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