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Hoffmann, Patrick HOP at bito.de
Tue Mar 4 13:31:44 MET 2014

Hi Vincent,

Hi Vincent,

just wanted to let you know that my app is now working :-)

But now the cleanup progress starts and some things are really messy coded.

So I could need some tipps, because I recognized that you are really fit with jQuery and OC.

Here you can see the current state: http://imgbox.com/ZFjqBuyh . It locks all other fileactions and
marks the line in a color. But i will add more options later.

If you have some ideas to shorten the code please feel free to answer.

Here is my filetree:
  - l10n.php (grab translation with ajax)
  - workin2gether.php (the core)
-+lock (where the locks are stored)

Source: workin2gether.js

var text = "";
var lockedtext = "";
var lockstate = "";


        text = translate("filelock");
        lockedtext = translate("File is locked");
        lockstate = translate("Status: locked");

    if (typeof FileActions !== 'undefined' && $('#dir').length>0) {

            FileActions.register('file',text,OC.PERMISSION_READ,function(){return OC.imagePath('files_w2g','w2g.svg')},function(filename){

            FileActions.register('dir',text,OC.PERMISSION_READ,function(){return OC.imagePath('files_w2g','w2g.svg')},function(filename){

                                $('#fileList tr td.filename a.name span.nametext').each(function() {
                                        var $tr = $(this);


function disable_control(filename)

        $('#fileList tr').each(function() {

                var $tr = $(this);

                var $_tr = $tr.html().replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g, '').replace('<span class="extension">','').replace('</span>','');



function enable_control(filename)
        $('#fileList tr').each(function() {

                var $tr = $(this);

                var $_tr = $tr.html().replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g, '').replace('<span class="extension">','').replace('</span>','');

                    if($_tr.indexOf(lockedtext)==-1 && $_tr.indexOf(lockstate)==-1)

function translate(text)
        url: OC.filePath('files_w2g','ajax','l10n.php'),
        type: "post",
        data: { rawtext: text},
                async: false,
        success: function(data){text = data;},
        return text;

function getState(filename,_safe)
        filename = filename.replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g, '').replace('<span class="extension">','').replace('</span>','');

    oc_dir = $('#dir').val();
        filename = filename.replace(/ /g, "%20");
        oc_path = oc_dir +'/'+filename;

        url: OC.filePath('files_w2g','ajax','workin2gether.php'),
        type: "post",
        data: { path: oc_path, safe: _safe},
        success: function(data){postmode(filename,data)},


function postmode(filename,data)
                filename = filename.replace(/%20/g,' ');

                var html = '<img class="svg" src="'+OC.imagePath('files_w2g','w2g.svg')+'"></img> '+data;



Source: workin2gether.php

//Init translations
$l = \OCP\Util::getL10N('files_w2g');

//Requirements check

//Default path for lock files


$apath = $root.OCP\Util::linkTo('files_w2g', 'lock')."/";

        @mkdir($root.OCP\Util::linkTo('files_w2g')."/lock", 0777, true);

$storage = "D:/";

$path = stripslashes($_POST['path']) ;
@$safe = @$_POST['safe'];
$ppath = lockname($path);

if(cleanPath($path)=="/Shared"){ echo "Forbidden"; return 1; }

        // /Shared/...
        $relpath = explode('/',substr(cleanPath($path),7,strlen($path)-7));
        $relative_path = '/'.$relpath[count($relpath)-1];

        $backcount = 0;
        $dbg = $relpath[count($relpath)-1-0];
                $query = OCP\DB::prepare("SELECT X.parent, X.id, X.uid_owner, Y.path FROM *PREFIX*share X INNER JOIN *PREFIX*filecache Y ON X.file_source = Y.fileid where X.share_with = ? and X.file_target = ? LIMIT 1");
                $result = $query->execute(array(OCP\USER::getUser(),'/'.$relpath[count($relpath)-1-$backcount]))->fetchAll();
        }while(count($result)<1 && $backcount<count($relpath));

        if ($backcount>0) $backcount-=1;

        $user = $result[0]['uid_owner'];
        $postpath = $result[0]['path'];
        //get the original share user name

        $old = ""; $new = "-";
        while ($new!="")
                $old = $new;
                $query = OCP\DB::prepare("SELECT parent, uid_owner, id FROM *PREFIX*share where id = ? LIMIT 1");
                $result = $query->execute(array($result[0]['parent']))->fetchAll();
                $new = $result[0]['uid_owner'];
        if($old!="-") $user = $old;

        $realpath = $storage.$user.'$'.$postpath;

                $realpath .= '/'.$relpath[count($relpath)-$i];

else $realpath = $storage.OCP\USER::getUser()."/files".cleanPath($path);

//lockfile name
$lock = $apath.lockname($realpath);

if (file_exists($lock))
                echo $l->t("File not locked");
        else echo $l->t("Status: locked");

                $h = fopen($lock, "w");
                fwrite($h,OCP\User::getDisplayName()." ".date(DATE_RFC822)." ".$path);
                echo $l->t("File is locked");
        else echo $l->t("Status: not locked");

function lockname($path)
        //Replace all '/' with $ for a filename for the lock file
        $ppath = str_replace("/","$",cleanPath($path))."$";

        $ppath = str_replace("Shared","",$ppath);
        $ppath = str_replace(":","#",$ppath);

        //Remove double dollar char when exist
        if ($ppath[0] == "$" and $ppath[1] == "$") $ppath = substr($ppath,1);

        return $ppath;


function cleanPath($path) {

        $path = rtrim($path, "/");
        $path = urldecode($path);
                return preg_replace('{(/)\1+}', "/", $path);

Source: l10n.php
$l = \OCP\Util::getL10N('files_w2g');
if($l->t($_POST['rawtext'])!="") echo $l->t($_POST['rawtext']); else echo $_POST['rawtext'];

Source: styles.css
#workin2gether p {
        float: left;
        padding-top: 0.8em;
        padding-left: 1.2em;

#workin2gether img  {
        float: left;
        width: 48px;
        height: 48px;
        background: transparent url('apps/files_w2g/img/pattern.png');
        border: 1px solid #D8D8D8;
        padding: 5px;
display:none !important;

a.name.statelock a.action{
opacity:1 !important;
a.name.statelock a.action:hover, a.name.statelock span.extension{

.statelock, .statelock span.modified{
color:#fff !important;

Source: sample language file (de.php)
"File not locked" => "Datei nicht gesperrt",
"File is locked" => "Datei ist gesperrt",
"Status: locked" => "Status: gesperrt",
"Status: not locked" => "Status: nicht gesperrt",
"filelock" => "Dateisperre"

Example for Lockname:



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