[owncloud-devel] Client 1.5 build instruction questions

JORDAN, Barry A barry.jordan at cavehill.uwi.edu
Thu Mar 6 18:31:05 MET 2014



I am attempting to compile the desktop client for my organization and I
must say the instructions for the 1.5 version client build are a little


It says the following


"Also, you need to specify absolute pathes for CSYNC_LIBRARY_PATH and
CSYNC_LIBRARY_PATH when running cmake on mirall.




First thing, the indicated paths are the same, not sure if that's an
error in the documentation.


Secondly, is the
ake line supposed to be the absolute path for the CSYNC_LIBRARY_PATH?


If not, where in the ocsync or mirall source directories is the


I assume once there's a location, I can add it to the cmake command when
building mirall.

Ultimately I just need the cmake command in full once compiling for
Windows in openSUSE for mirall.


I hope someone can help. Thanks.




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