[owncloud-devel] [testpilots] New sharing arrived, who wants to give it a try?

Bjoern Schiessle schiessle at owncloud.com
Tue May 6 10:35:39 GMT 2014

Hello Jakub,

thanks for your input!

On 05/05/14 16:43, Jakub Moscicki wrote:
> I have several questions:
> - I think that many users actually appreciate to have a clean
> separation of shared and "normal" files provided by /Shared folder
> (and being able to find all Shared things in one place)

I can see you point. Actually we got a lot of feedback regarding the
/Shared folder and also the developers discussed it for quite some time.
Many people like the /Shared folder but at the same time we had the
impression that more people would prefer to have more flexibility to
organize the files in their ownCloud. So finally we decided to go this
way. Actually dropbox and others do it the same way. Not that we have to
copy everything from our competitors. But sometimes it can give you a
good sense about what people like and what people might expect.

> - what would be the impact on the efficiency of top-level PROPFIND
> with Depth=1 (especially on the database) if shared items are placed
> on the top-level?

There shouldn't be much difference. Although this is a good question and
I will look into it, maybe there is something we can improve.

Generally I don't expect that the users have all their shared files in
the root but that they organize them in sub-folders. So at least if a
shared file changes this would improve the propfind. Because in case of
the Shared folder you would always need to check all shared files/folder
to find the one who changed while when they are distributed on your
filesystem you don't have to check them all.

> - what would you do if a file/directory /X existed already and a
> file/directory with the same basename X was shared by a another user
> later?

Than the shared file will be named "X (1)", "X (2)",... the same way we
handle name conflicts in the Shared folder.

> What about having a separate folder pair on the client that would
> sync only the Shared items? For example, ~/ownCloud.Shared or alike.
> And a separate button (in the app tab?) to access shared items.

With ownCloud7 we will also have a overview page for shared files which
I think is more or less what you suggest here. This overview page will
show you all files you shared and all files shared to you so that you
can easily access them even if they are distributed across various folders.


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