[owncloud-devel] ownCloud and FirefoxOS

Jan-Christoph Borchardt hey at jancborchardt.net
Fri May 9 11:50:55 GMT 2014

Hey there,

good question actually. Currently there is no plan to create an 
ownCloud app for Firefox OS, neither am I aware of anyone building 
something like that. However, there are some other efforts in that 

* With ownCloud 7, most of the web interface (Files, sharing, Pictures, 
Music, Personal settings, etc.) is responsive and works nicely on 
mobile / small screens (tablets or smartphones). Since lots of Firefox 
apps are also just links to web apps, it’s essentially the same. The 
problem of course is that we can’t make »the one« ownCloud app because 
everyone’s ownCloud is at a different location. (Essentially box.net’s 
Firefox OS app does it just like that – it’s just a link to their web 

* As part of the Outreach Program for Women, Lyndsey (in CC) is working 
on a »Camera backup app« for Firefox OS. This app will be like the 
instant upload functionality in the Android app – pictures you take are 
automatically uploaded to your ownCloud. Browsing functionality is not 
planned yet.

* The stock Firefox OS Calendar app can sync with ownCloud Calendar 
(just use the CalDAV address from the Calendar settings) – I think 
Firefox OS Contacts unfortunately does not support CardDAV yet.

* There are already two other apps which sync with ownCloud News (/ RSS 
reader): https://marketplace.firefox.com/search?q=owncloud both are 
open source as well.

* If there is a generic WebDAV app for Firefox OS, that could be used 
too. I am not aware of one at the moment though.

While that doesn’t help much, I hope it brings light to the question. ;)

On Fr 09 Mai 2014 12:14:28 CEST, dada wrote:
> Hey guys,
> First of all, thanks for everything, I use ownCloud since the
> beginning and I really love it.
> I have a simple question : do you plan to create an ownCloud
> "application" for FirefoxOS ? I'd like to buy a ZTE Open C and there
> is just one application l will miss : it is ownCloud Client.
> I know that FirefoxOS is a web-based technologies system but i'm
> wondering if there will be a FirefoxOS version of the ownCloud Client.
> Best wishes,
> dada
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