[owncloud-devel] Contacts App.....

Tobia De Koninck tobia at ledfan.be
Wed May 14 18:00:33 GMT 2014


First of all I'm very sad I have to send this E-mail.

A couple of days ago Thomas Tanghus left ownCloud.
Is there already some news about the future of the Contacts app? Is 
there a new maintainer?
The Chat app heavily depends on the Contacts app. (i.e. with the modular 
backends and the localusers backend.) However the Contacts app is 
currently in a not-working state. (Therefore the Chat app can't work.)

Which version of the Contacts app will be shipped with oC7?

What would be the solution if there isn't a new maintainer found before 
the feature freeze of oC7, or worse before releasing oC7?

I hope someone can answer my questions.


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