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Thanks for your reply.

That’s a great news!

When can we see OC 7?


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This is an upcoming feature for OC 7, see



On 05/19/2014 08:54 AM, chen bo wrote:

Hi guys,
I'm dealing with Owncloud this days about how to share links with password
protected mandatorily.
As far as I know it is impossible now... (not very sure)
I found that share information will be inserted into table [oc_share], 
if there is no password protected, the column [share_with] will be NULL.
so I tried to delete the record and found the shared link was invalid, it
then I created a trigger to do that perfectly.(of course I backed up the
record before deleting it)
But there is a problem: when the record is deleted, are there any other
influences (something like version control)?
Does anyone know?

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