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Jos Poortvliet jospoortvliet at gmail.com
Wed May 28 12:46:30 GMT 2014

Dear ownClouders,

ownCloud is usually a happy, sunny place. That is great and we all would like 
to keep it that way. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that where people come 
together, disagreements occasionally arise.

We feel strongly about ownCloud. After all, we have the ambition to change the 
world, don't we? But yelling at each other in public does not help anybody - 
instead, it ruins the fun for those involved, and for everybody else too. On 
the other hand, this irritation and anger often means people care. Instead of 
bashing  heads, we should redirect this energy in a positive direction!

So I would like to propose the following: let's set up a Community Working
Group (CWG). A small team of people who have slightly above average
communication skills and the willingness to deal with disagreements in our

Their job is NOT to police our community. Instead, the CWG should lend an ear
when people *voluntarily* bring their issues to them and help find a solution 
that gives us that positivity. The goal is to keep both fun and people in 
ownCloud, not to add any rules or structure!

While the CWG should not be making any (technical or otherwise) decisions,
they can help mediate in development disagreements, for example when a
maintainer refuses changes others want or when volunteers feel 'steamrolled'
by the Inc.

Ideally, the composition of the CWG would be a handful of both ownCloud Org
and Inc people. Once we have a first team, I'm sure they can take care of
finding new team members when needed in the future.

If the community (that is you, all!) think this is a good idea, I hereby
volunteer to be a part of the CWG, and ask others willing to help out to step

Let me know what you think!

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