[owncloud-devel] Problem with NFS drive hosting owncloud

Nicolas Mora nicolas at babelouest.org
Sat Nov 1 22:02:33 GMT 2014


In the last weeks I was unable to use my master branch of owncloud, the 
server never responded and I had this apache error log after a few minutes:

Call to a member function getValue() on a non-object in 
/[...]/owncloud/lib/private/legacy/config.php on line 52

I tried OC 7.0.3RC2 but I had the same problem.

It seems that the problem comes from using a NFS drive to host owncloud.
I know that this kind of problem exists when you host a sqlite database 
on a nfs drive, but I'm not using sqlite, just a regular mysql databse...

Should I open an issue or is it a known problem ?


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