[owncloud-devel] News app pulled from the app store

Bernhard Posselt dev at bernhard-posselt.com
Fri Nov 14 12:47:02 GMT 2014

Hi guys,

You might have noticed that there are various issues that prevent the 
News app from working as a one click install app on ownCloud 7

* You have to disable the code checker
* You have to enable cron background jobs to reliably receive updates
* Prior to 7.0.3 there were issues with the archive file which got your 
ownCloud stuck in maintenance mode; on a side note: you can not depend 
on 7.0.3 in the app store
* There is no way to properly check for dependencies like curl which 
breaks people's install (there is an issue on github: 
https://github.com/owncloud/core/issues/10777, fix will likely be 
included in 8)
* There are some update notices that won't be shown before updating; In 
general any information mentioned in the app store overview won't be 
shown when updating/install the app from inside ownCloud.

Other things that add to the pain:
* You can not disable comments so your comment section will be filled 
with bug reports making support harder than it should be
* Administration and discussion is clunky compared to GitHub
* There's no easy automated way to upload new releases since the website 
does neither offer an API nor fully offers RESTful urls
* Lots of duplication like having to re-enter version + required 
owncloud versions which are already defined in the info.xml and lead to 
mistakes from time to time
* Bad publicity related to installation problems which are all described 
on the apps page and README but people fail to read them because

I've therefore decided to effectively pull the release from the app 
store and removed the recommended flag. The download link will now 
forward you to the README section which has a detailed explanation what 
you should to install/update the app. Installable releases can now be 
found on the GitHub releases page https://github.com/owncloud/news/releases

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