[owncloud-devel] Changed path of vendor JS libraries

Morris Jobke morris at owncloud.com
Sun Nov 16 09:40:29 GMT 2014

Hi devs,

in the past week we moved all vendor/3rdparty JS libraries to a common 
place. Previously they we mixed into the PHP vendor libraries in the 
3rdparty repo and the JS folder in core/js. Now they are all managed via 
bower in core/vendor.

If you include one of those in your apps and rely on the old path you 
will get a blank page instead of the correct rendered app inside 
ownCloud. So please check this.

Following JS libraries (with their CSS files) have changed their path 
and can cause a

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'js file not 
found: script:NAME serverroot:/var/www/owncloud' in 

#11916 moment.js
#11936 jquery and jquery-migrate
#11982 underscore
#11985 snapjs (followup: #12158)

#11970 handlebars
#11980 select2
#11981 jcrop
#11984 md5
#11989 zxcvbn
#12000 strengthify

The first four libraries are include by default to every page. Therefore 
you should just check for the six other. md5 is often included to be 
used together with avatars and so the most possible candidate for breakage.

Following libraries were dropped (because they were unneeded in core):

#11953 listview.js
#11966 jquery.inview.js
#11968 jquery.placeholder.js
#11983 chosen.js
#12005 multiselect (was moved to user_ldap as it is only used there)

We also introduce two new template shortcuts (pending documentation PR 
can be found at https://github.com/owncloud/documentation/pull/636):

vendor_script(APP, FILE)
vendor_style(APP, FILE)

They both result in path/to/apps/APP/vendor/FILE.js (or .css). If APP is 
omitted they will be looked up in owncloud/core/vendor/FILE.js. The core 
PR for these functions is #11916 and is already merged into master.

Thanks and happy coding!


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