[owncloud-devel] release schedule and versioning changes

Frank Karlitschek frank at owncloud.org
Fri Nov 21 17:34:12 GMT 2014


the ones who are contributing to ownCloud for a long time remember that the original idea was to do time based releases. Several ones every year.
As you all have noticed we slipped more and more away from this plan. ownCloud 7 for example became a huge release that basically occupied all of us for the complete year.

For the future we want to go back to the original idea and have smaller time based releases to handle the increasing complexity of ownCloud better.

The plan is to do 4 feature releases a year with a time based schedule of 3 month. The rough idea is to spend the first two month on feature development and the last month with beta releases, bugfixing and QA.

Additionally we will do time based bugfix releases of the stable branches once a month.

I think this makes development more fun again and less stressful. :-)

This drawback of this approach is that we will reach very high version numbers very fast.
Because of that we also have to adopt the version numbering scheme.

The next release will be ownCloud 8.0 in February. Followed by 8.1 3 month later, Followed by 8.2 3 month later and so on.
The first release next year will be ownCloud 9 followed by 9.1 and so on.

This is easy to remember: All the released in 2015 will start with 8. All the releases in 2016 will start with 9 and so on.
I hope this makes sense for everybody.

Additionally a commend about the backporting:
With faster major/master releases the need to backport a lot of smaller improvements and fixes becomes less important than before. So we will go on with the current process that backports need to be approved by me. But please expect more "No"s from me than before. We will only backport fixes for very serious bugs.
Smaller improvements and fixes have to wait for the next major release which will happen soon anyway.

I hope this works for everyone. Let me know what you think.


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