[owncloud-devel] Hi! (and Improving Cross-Platform International/Unicode Support)

Lee Thompson thompsonl at logh.net
Fri Nov 21 21:07:06 GMT 2014

Well, I've been going through the code and this is not an easy fix 
because 3rdparty\Patchwork\UTF8\bootup.php seems to make a great many 

Unfortunately since it's overriding PHP.ini settings and php functions, 
there's no way to force it to realize that the filesystem may, in some 
cases, be in Windows-1252 instead of UTF-8 and mbstring seems to have 
some issues with completely mangling characters in some of these cases.

I can see why a blue box is put up saying 'Don't run this on Windows' 
and no one seems to want to touch this.

At any rate, this is fixable although this may take me some time...

Lee Thompson
thompsonl at logh.net

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