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Randolph Carter randolphcarter at fantasymail.de
Thu Nov 27 18:07:26 GMT 2014


that list looks great! Nice site to point to...
At the forum we have a FAQ section since some time already:
(mainly centered around installation/configuration issues).
Maybe it might be useful to link to that or check for which of those it
makes sense to transfer to this new location.


Am 11/26/2014 um 5:20 PM schrieb Jos Poortvliet:
> Helloew dear ownClouders,
> You go through lots of issues where users ask/complain/request/report 
> problems. Some of those come back again and again. Luckily we have a FAQ 
> which we can add those questions and answers to, so you have to just link to 
> the FAQ instead of answering again!
> Our faq is here: http://owncloud.org/faq/
> And I greatly welcome links to github conversations/issues that need to be 
> added to the FAQ!
> Also, I'd appreciate feedback on the current issues so I have a chance to at 
> least remove the biggest nonsense and replace it with more correct fact-like 
> things 
> Hugs,
> Jos
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> Everything I do and say is based on my view of the world today. I am not 
> responsible for changes in the world, nor my view on it. Everything I say is 
> meant in a positive and friendly way, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
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