[owncloud-devel] Freelance offer for a few days of work: Searching for an OwnCloud Developer to modify OwnCloud 7.0.x according to our needs

Peter peter_h1969 at yahoo.de
Sat Nov 29 01:52:17 GMT 2014

Dear OwnCloud Developers,

I am looking for an OwnCloud developer familiar in modifying the OwnCloud source and writing OwnCloud Apps. We run a Joomla website and organize our Webshop via Redmine. OwnCloud should be used to manage our downloadable items. We want to integrate OwnCloud into Redmine and Joomla so that users known from Redmine may have access to OwnCloud. Furthermore, based on actions initiated in Joomla or Redmine, OwnCloud file sharing links are sent out. Besides, we need a functionality to share not only one file via a link, but a group of files. Such grouping of files and sending out an OwnCloud link may also be triggered from Redmine and Joomla.

If you are interested in this (paid) task, contact me at peter_h1969 at yahoo.de - I will provide detailed information about the reqired modifications which preferably become part of the official release.

Sorry for bothering you if this is not the right place to post this request. In the latter case, I appreciate to get a hint where to post such an offer.

Best regards,

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