[owncloud-devel] News app changes, need testers for upcoming 4.0 release

Bernhard Posselt dev at bernhard-posselt.com
Wed Oct 22 14:56:45 GMT 2014

Hi guys,

Some major changes coming up:
* I've finally managed to rip out SimplePie which is buggy and
unmaintained atm and replaced it with PicoFeed
* Proxies are now supported because PicoFeed supports it. Settings are
read from the config.php
* Some small additions to the api which now also features http cache
infos for feeds so your mobile apps can choose to sync only the feeds
that have changed

 This is a very big and invasive change so there will be a long testing
period than usual. The code is ready to be tested in the github news
master branch: https://github.com/owncloud/news

After the update articles may show up again as unread because the feed
library generates different ids than before. This should happen only
once and cant be fixed.

Please test if your feeds are still updating and if your mobile apps
still work properly.


Bernhard Posselt

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