[owncloud-devel] Errors while syncing shared calendar

Georg Ehrke developer at georgehrke.com
Mon Sep 1 18:24:45 GMT 2014


the correct place would have been the calendar bug tracker.
But there is no need to report a bug, it’s already fixed.
Fix will be released with the next version of 6.0.x.


On Sep1 2014, at 08:12 PM, mad <mad at sharktooth.de> wrote:

> Hi!
> I just got error the following error message, while syncing a shared
> calendar with caldav. Has anyone an idea what the problem could be?
> {"reqId":"1234567890","app":"PHP","message":"Call to undefined method
> Sabre\\VObject\\Property::getValue() at
> \/var\/www\/owncloud\/apps\/calendar\/lib\/sabre\/backend.php#310","level":3,"tcaldav\/calendars\/max.mustermann%40testland.de\/awcal_shared_by_minni.mustermann%40testland.de\/"}
> Regards
> mad
> P.S.: Is this the correct mailing list or should this go to
> user at owncloud.org?
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