[owncloud-devel] LDAP Decryption Problem

Sean Bowen-Williams seanbowenwilliams2015 at u.northwestern.edu
Wed Sep 3 20:46:36 GMT 2014

Hi guys, I'm sure you're tired of my emails. To recap, I'm coding an app
for Northwestern University who is trying to transition to OwnCloud. The
app converts videos stored on our OwnCloud instance using ffmpeg. It now
works with encryption on as well.

It works by using \OC\Files\Filesystem::file_get_contents($path) to pull
the video data, then converts it, and reuploads it as a new file.

This works on local OwnCloud accounts. However, when trying to use
file_get_contents on our LDAP authenticated users, it returns an empty file.


Thanks in advance,
Sean Bowen-Williams
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