[owncloud-devel] ownCloud Mail 0.1 alpha

Jan-Christoph Borchardt hey at jancborchardt.net
Thu Sep 18 09:25:46 GMT 2014

Almost 3 years ago Thomas originally started to work on the Mail app.  
He said that’s how he got into ownCloud – it was clearly missing email  
But then he got sucked into core development (luckily ;) and the Mail  
app was on the backburner.

In early 2013 Thomas and I worked on the app a bit here and there, but  
nothing substantial. We still knew it was important.

Two months ago we started picking it up again and worked on it more  
seriously in our free time. We overhauled the code, streamlined the  
interface, and integrated it better into the other parts of ownCloud.  
If you were at the ownCloud Conf you probably saw our first teaser  
lightning talk about it.

We know ownCloud needs an email app. Simply look at the Roundcube app:  
It is our highest rated and most downloaded app on the store.  
Unfortunately Martin can not maintain it anymore.

Today we are proud to announce ownCloud Mail 0.1 alpha!

It’s a simple IMAP client with which you can connect to your mail  
server. Be it on the same server (then it’s superfast) or just your  
ordinary webmail account. And it integrates nicely with other ownCloud  

Please download it and help us test: https://github.com/owncloud/mail
Report any issues you have to https://github.com/owncloud/mail/issues
Note that we have some known issues (nothing dangerous) we want to fix  
before a proper 0.1 release. Any help is appreciated:  

Some of the features and integration of ownCloud Mail are:
* basic email stuff …
* connect multiple email accounts
* handle mailto links for integration with the browser
* attach files from the Files app and also save received attachments there
* address autocompletion of Contact names and emails, and show contact  

Future plans include:
* attach files from ownCloud via share link only so they don’t leave  
your ownCloud, are quicker to send, and better to collaborate on  
* add events / ics attachments directly to the Calendar  
* view addresses directly in ownCloud Maps  
* unified inbox https://github.com/owncloud/mail/issues/120
* conversation view of email threads  
* search/filter mails https://github.com/owncloud/mail/issues/161
* (encryption is far in the future for now. We recommend  
https://mailpile.is for that :)

A big thanks to everyone involved so far!
Especially Thomas Imbreckx (zinks-), PoPoutdoor, Lukas Reschke and  
Steffen Lindner (Gomez).

Tom & Jan

(This mail was sent using ownCloud Mail.)

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