[owncloud-devel] ownCloud Mail 0.1 alpha

Sander Brand brantje at gmail.com
Thu Sep 18 11:11:15 GMT 2014

Love the mail app.
I think i've found a bug, will report at github.
(Imported my gmail to an own tld email, now my oldest e-mail is on top).

Also an PDF viewer would be very nice, now i have to save them to files

Sander Brand

e-mail: brantje at gmail.com
www: www.brantje.com
skype: sander_brand

On 18 September 2014 13:09, Jan-Christoph Borchardt <hey at jancborchardt.net>

> Hey Randolph,
> thanks for the kind words!
> Even if the features are already in the tracker, please comment on them
> and add your thoughts so we can prioritize better what we should work on
> next. :)
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