[owncloud-devel] AJAX call every n seconds

Sean Bowen-Williams seanbowenwilliams2015 at u.northwestern.edu
Sat Sep 20 18:54:25 GMT 2014

Hey guys,
I'm trying to write a progress bar for a video conversion going on in the
background. I analyze the log file with PHP to determine the percentage
complete, then echo the variable to be picked up with AJAX to my Javascript

I used setTimeout to run the AJAX request every 2 seconds, but it only
successfully complete twice: once at the very beginning, and again once the
conversion is complete. So effectively, my progress bar tells me 0% and
100%. Very helpful, I know.

I use a different AJAX call to pass file information about the video to be
converted to a different PHP file.

Is this an issue of simply to many simultaneous AJAX calls? Any advice
would be appreciated.

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