[owncloud-devel] How to store bin and prev. versions on the external storages

Vincent Petry pvince81 at owncloud.com
Mon Sep 22 09:20:11 GMT 2014

Hi Antonello,

As far as I know this isn't currently possible/supported.

In OC 7 there is a new concept of home storage that can be stored on a
different server, but it currently only supports SWIFT object stores
which would basically have the whole data folder inside an object store.

Even if it did work with FTP, it is very likely that you'd have the same
issues you had when moving your whole data folder on the FTP.

One thing you could try is symlinking the "files_versions" folder into
the FTP storage, but you'd have to do that for every user.



On 09/21/2014 10:55 AM, Antonello Lobianco (not reply) wrote:
> Hello,
>    when I add an external storage (a local storage pointing to a CurlFtpFS
> mounted folder in my case, but I guess it's general of the external storage
> architecture) I notice that only the current files are saved on the
> external storage.
> Is there a way to save on the external storage also the bin
> (files_trashbin) and the previous versions (files_version) ?
> Using external storage pointing to the CurlFtpFS dir is relativelly fast.
> Now I just symlinked the owncloud data dir to the CurlftpFS dir (hence not
> using any "external storage") but the web interface of OwnCloud is very
> slow.
> In other words, what I would like to achieve is to keep the metadata and
> the cache in the owncloud server but move all files (including bin and
> previous versions) to the FTP server (my home NAS).
> Any suggestion on how to achieve it ? Thank you
> /Antonello
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