[owncloud-devel] Handling translations for stable branches

Morris Jobke morris at owncloud.com
Mon Sep 22 14:19:46 GMT 2014

I missed the essential part:

Can we somehow set this up as a automatic job and does anybody see in 
this problems?


On 22.09.2014 16:06, Morris Jobke wrote:
> Hi,
> We currently only update the master branch with the newest translations
> from Transifex through a Jenkins job.
> Mostly people come around and complain about missing translations in the
> release while it is in Transifex correct. Then someone (mostly Volkan
> 'wakeup' Gezer) takes the time to backport those strings. This isn't a
> good solution and is quite time consuming.
> Ideal solution: Transifex supports branches
> Nearly ideal solution: It would be nice to extract the string not only
> from master but from all maintained stable branches and master and then
> combine them. This would allow to fix even changed strings that aren't
> anymore in master. This needs an advanced extraction tool.
> Working solution: Volkan wrote a tool[1] where you can specify the
> updated strings (once a PR with string changes got backported) and those
> will be pulled from the master l10n files and you can create a patch for
> the stable branches. Currently he collects the strings in a file and
> will backport the l10n just before the next release on a stable branch.
> Maybe we should introduce a label for PRs that were backported and
> changed strings to make it easier to find the changed strings. Then you
> only need to go through them and be able to backport new stuff.
> What are your thoughts about this?
> Unfiltered initial comments (which were moved with this mail to the
> mailinglist): https://github.com/owncloud/core/issues/11150
> Cheers,
> Morris
> [1] https://github.com/wakeup/oc_l10n_patch_applier
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