[owncloud-devel] DOM messed up after loading new, #app-content as TemplateResponse via Ajax

Marcus Mundt marmu at mailbox.tu-berlin.de
Sat Apr 11 10:40:26 GMT 2015

"You have to pass in the renderAs parameter which needs to be blank"
I was already looking into the parameters of TemplateResponse. Thanks 
for making that clear to me!
Did so, but now none of the JS files the templates depend on are loaded, 
therefore no function at all, but the pure HTML is replaced correctly.

Also changed as much as I could based on your hints. But some of the 
"fancy" stuff like client-side templates will be postponed, since I need 
to get my app up and running.

Is it correct to use something like:
     $notFound = new NotFoundResponse();
     return $notFound;
instead of:
     header("HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found");

And regarding "* You should get rid of private apis like OC_Log"
I'll have to read up on this, no clue for now

Thanks a lot Bernhard!

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