[owncloud-devel] DOM messed up after loading new, , #app-content as TemplateResponse via Ajax

Marcus Mundt marmu at mailbox.tu-berlin.de
Mon Apr 13 09:19:45 GMT 2015

"I suppose you want to have a full ownCloud page when a user loads the 
app, and when he clicks something in the navigation, you want to load 
html into the content area."

Yes, that's how it's done for now. But I don't get how other apps, like 
files and trashbin do it. After clicking on other links in the 
navigation, they reload the files list table without rendering a 
complete template. Navigation and stuff doesn't seem to be 
reloaded/rerendered. How do they trigger JS functions loaded with the 
normal TemplateResponse for the index page to rebuild the file list?

Thanks again, I already feel like sending you a small gift down south. 
Just send me your address.

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